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 WKR Concepts

It's all in the name: Concepts. Ideas. Imagination. Solutions. We started as Windows PC programmers, creating custom solutions and building bridges between users, raw data and information. Then we grew into database design and management, web development, mainframe support and even a bit of process controllers and robotics. By taking ideas from all of our different resources and experiences, we are able to create new and innovative solutions when an "out of the box" answer is not acceptable. We pride ourselves on staying current with technology, knowing what tools and platforms are available that can be be used to solve your business needs. We never stop learning, but the best part is that we truly enjoy what we do. It's not just a job - it's our way of life.

Custom Websites


 Make it your own

If you want to attract customers, you need to be noticed. You need to make a statement about what you sell or provide, and who you are, and why you should be someone's first choice. Boring template-driven sites aren't good enough anymore - they all look the same, all blending together in a sea of conformity. Stand out. Be bold, but professional. Use a little humor, but don't be cartoonish. Give them quick facts, and not long-winded walls of text. You have a vision - and we can make that vision a reality. From single-page informational sites, to full-size and scalable e-commerce business solutions, we can bring your ideas to life.

Website Upgrades


 Time for a change

It happens to the best of us: you get a great website built, and it works nice - for a while. Then it starts to look a little old. Maybe it's not mobile friendly, or you've fallen off the search pages. Or maybe it just doesn't truly represent your company anymore. We can help. We'll work with you to learn your new vision, and then revise your site into something fresh and meaningful. Might just need a more modern font and a color pallette change. Or maybe a complete mobile overhaul. But at any level, we've got you covered.

Website Repair


 Is there a doctor in the house?

So you decided to let your nephew add a few pages to your website, and now the home page doesn't load. Or your original web developers have long moved on, and your hosting company upgraded PHP, breaking your site so it can't use your database. Or maybe you tried to fix something yourself, and things just didn't turn out the way it should have. Or worse - your site was hacked, and your content was fouled. Not to worry, one of our many specialties is forensic programming. We can track down what went wrong, and find a way to make it all work again. Some problems are hard to find but easy to fix once found. Others can be the opposite - we found it, but it's going to be a challenge. Doen't matter - if you broke it, we can fix it, and then work with you on how to prevent it from breaking again.

Website Relocation


 Movin' on up...

As your business grows, your hosting needs will grow with them. Sometimes that means you'll need to move your site and database from one hosting platform to another. But it's not just the code; it's reprovisioning a database, transferring domain ownerships, rekeying SSL certificates. With so many details, it makes sense to have experience on your side. If it's time to make a move, give us a call - we'll get you settled in your new online home quickly and seamlessly.

Windows / Azure Programming


 Every cloud has a silver lining

With the evolution of cloud-bases systems, we've grown our experience and scope of knowledge and have embraced the world of Windows Azure. From simple web apps and Azure databases to full-featured MVC C# applications that use Azure Active Directory as their front-end security, we can keep you floating on cloud 9. We've configured full virtual networks, with domain controllers, remote desktop gateways, back-end servers, site-to-site vpns and Azure storage that run our clients entire businesses off-site. These companies were able to easily adjust to remote users working from home when the pandemic started, and between using Windows Azure and Teams, kept their company running safely for all employees. Yeah, we did that - it was very satisfying.

Windows Programmimg


 We speak your language

We started out as programmers a while ago, and over time, we've become more proficient in many new languages. But we also have experience in the ancient codes, such as COBOL, FORTRAN and PASCAL, which are still used by some older industrial systems, cutting tools and specialized proprietary systems. We just don't code programs - we think in code. No matter how old or new your system is, if it needs work - and you have the source - we can make it work better.

Linux Programming


 Open source for everyone

Many companies depend upon the world of Unix / Linux. The sheer scalability and flexibility of the Linux core runs everything from small appliances to massive, multi processor real-time CGI rendering machines. If you have a *NIX system, and need to change a few programs, address lax security or modernize your user interface, we can help.

SQL Programming


 More than meets the eye

The latest versions of SQL server have a robust script programming language in the form of stored procedures. More than just simple selects and joins, so many database operations can be modularized and run on the server, freeing up local resources and avoiding the need to recompile your code if there is a change in the database logic. We have many years experience in programming with stored procedures, so if your program is taking forever to find data from a search or tabulate your monthly expense reports, we may be able to move some of that load back to the server - and get you your results in a fraction of the time.



 Local Networks

From single server small offices to an entire office building, we have the experience and expertise to manage your network project end-to-end, from design to final installation. Depending upon your needs, we'll include practical levels of redundancy and an integrated back-up and recovery schema to keep you running 24/7/365

 Azure Cloud

Leveraging the scalable power of Microsoft's™ Azure cloud services, we can implement a secure and robust business solution completely offsite. All you need at your desk is a web-enabled device with internet access and a local printer for reports; everything else, from user security and profiles to databases and servers, are implemented virtually in a regional cloud server.

 Hybrid Solutions

Some businesses can't fully migrate to a cloud platform, as they might have specialized hardware (such as CNC machines, assembly line robotics, etc.) that need to be run locally. But the administrative tasks and business programs can be moved to the cloud. Utilizing Azure VPN technology, we can extend your local network to a cloud solution, keeping only what you need onsite, and streamlining the rest to a virtual network.


As wireless speeds increase, businesses look to using wireless technology as a way to improve efficiency and eliminate the need for extensive premise wiring. For warehouses, loading docks and factory floors, keeping all your stations connected wirelessly is the only option. Using the latest in mesh technology, we can cover your business corner to corner in a robust wireless network that will keep everyone connected.

Network Upgrades


 Keeping the backbone strong

You've spent a small fortune on upgrading all of your user's workstations, and your new fire-breathing server could power a small city. But you won't see any real speed until you upgrade your network. So many companies still have old Cat 5 wiring and forgotten components plodding along at 100 Mbps, creating bottlenecks between the new gigabit switches. And let's not forget your router, that claims all ports are 1000 Mbps, but the WAN port is really at 100 Mbps - so that 400 Mbps service you're paying for from your ISP isn't being realized. If your system seems slow when it shouldn't be, we can perform a site survey, identify all your components, and make recommendations that will improve your network throughput.

Network Troubleshooting


 Well, it was working yesterday

All it takes is one device with a bad network interface card to saturate a network and bring everything down to a screaming halt. Or maybe that one key port on the accounting switch has finally gone bad, and the entire department can't reach the internet. From poorly run wires (or those chewed on by rodents or run over by equipment) to small connector failures, it doesn't take much to take down part of your network. We have the skill and experience in isolating and troubleshooting local network issues, and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Database Conversions

A critical component of seamless transition and integration between different systems is a consistent and robust data conversion process. Whether a one-time conversion or a permanent bridge, we can create the custom solution you need to keep your business moving.

  • Full analysis of all key data sources and targets
  • Define translation tables and field mappings
  • Utilize database-specific functions for data synchronization and journaling

So if your on-premise sales system isn't designed to share sales history with your CRM in the cloud, or the data on your old mainframe needs to be migrated to new a SQL database, or you're changing software packages and don't want to lose years of history from your current system, we can make it work for you.

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