Welcome to the new and improved NGLogs site!

For those of you looking for NGLogs, you've come to the right place. All of your stats and history from NGLogs are now accessible here. In addition, all of those wonderful monthly lists (like B/P Ranking, Medals, Hexalist, etc.) are here as well.

There are many new improvements to the site, such as:

+ Automatic stat pulling when you log in

+ You remain logged in from day to day (unless you log out or clear cookies)

+ Your stats are automatically polled at the end of the month for all reports

+ The site is mobile-friendly (except for some wide reports)

+ Graphs, pie charts and other visual features added

+ You can download any report as a CSV

So, go ahead, Jack In and see for yourself!



Some questions you may have:

Q) What happened to the old NG Logs?
A) It has been retired. Too many changes at Newgrounds, combined with obsolete code and no mobile scaling, just screamed "REWRITE ME"

Q) Will my logging history be migrated to this new site?
A) Yes, but be aware that some totals for the reviews and submissions may be off a little, as Newgrounds introduced more categories that NGLOGS didn't handle, but 3.0 does. Also, some fields like Auras and the new review counts changed over time, so your old data may look a little incomplete.

Q) What happened to the [GET STATS] button?
A) Don't need it - when you access the site, the system checks if you have stats for today, and if not, automatically retrieves them

Q) Do I have to log my stats to be in the monthly reports?
A) Nope! At the end of the month, ALL active users on the site will be systematically polled for the monthly reports. You don't have to do a thing

Q) I'm still confused, or I have some questions. How do I get help?
A) You can PM me (byteslinger) at Newgrounds, or use the Contact Us page to send me a message


The Evolution of This Site

About 10 years ago, Casualty contacted me and asked if I would take over the stat site he built. Always looking to help a fellow, geek, I agreed, and set up my version of NGLogs. The code was functional, but far from optimal, and every time Newgrounds changed the site, I had to dig in and fix what I could to keep it running.

I also had worked on some stat polling programs (NGPoll) that ran on a Windows PC. It was a compiled Visual Basic app that I gave to all of the list managers on Newgrounds so they could gather their data easier. It pulled down snapshots, and also did comparative (month-to month or week-to-week) stat analysis.

Further along, I also worked up my version of Portal Guard, a neat tool that scanned the Newgrounds site and let you know when new submissions entered the portal. This, too, was a VB6 App.

Managing all of these programs and trying to keep up with what was compatible on newer versions of Windows became very difficult. I had to come up with an easier way to do all of this. And that's why I rebuilt everything from the ground up to create this site: it has all of the functions of NGLOGS, automatically gathers monthly stats and generates lists (with history), and now has a web-based version of Portal Guard - all on a site that's mobile ready!


PM Byteslinger if you want more information!

This site is for reference only. The official Newgrounds thread can be found here...

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