The Elite Guard Barracks was first created in 2005 by EagleRock to help protect the Newgrounds portal from spam, porn, stolen flashes and anything that really violated the rules of conduct for the portal. Emulating the concept of an army barrack, there is one barrack commander (currently EGSC byteslinger) who leads the troops, followed by various officers and infantry ranging from Private to Supreme Commander.

To be clear, this is NOT a blam or mass-voting crew. Quite the opposite, in fact - if you are caught mass voting or treating flashes unfairly, you will be subject to discipline - up to and including a dishonorable discharge. The aim of this crew is to make the members aware of potential portal violations, as well as point out flagrant issues (such as child porn, threats to other users, stolen work, etc) to Tom or Wade Fulp, the owners and designers of Newgrounds.

While we do maintain a level of discipline, it is only to educate those who frequent the portal to do the proper things, such as voting fairly, not passing spam for the sake of a crew, blowing the whistle on abusive reviews and flashes. We ask that everyone vote honestly, and keep an open mind as to what is "art" versus what is "trash". Yes, this is subjective, and in many cases, we can argue the borderline cases for hours. But it's not about that - it's just about doing the right things for the right reasons, and protecting the portal from those who would do it harm.


PM Me if you want more information!

Programming / CBO: EGSC ByteSlinger

Founding Commander: EGSC EagleRock

Affiliated with:

"Did you fall down the ugly tree and hit every branch on your way down!"