This is the official list of officer positions for the Elite Guard Barracks.

Last update - 3-May-2019 (All Officer positions now filled)

Executive Officers

Chief Barracks Officer (CBO)- EGSC ByteSlinger
Primary leader of the Barracks; Responsible for overseeing all operations, and ensuring that all officers perform their postions in good standing. Relies heavily on the insight and opinion of the Lieutenant and 2nd Lieutenant for making most decisions, but ultimately has the final say in all EGB manners.

Lieutenant Chief Barracks Officer (LCBO) -EGSC Big-Boss
2nd in command in the Barracks. May operate as acting CBO in the absence of the CBO in order to keep order in the Barracks. Acts as council to the CBO - "right-hand" of the CBO

Second Lieutenant Chief Barracks Officer (SLCBO)- EGSC GameJunkie
3rd in command in the Barracks. May operate as acting Lt. CBO or CBO in the absence of either officer in order to keep order in the Barracks. Acts as council to the CBO - "left-hand" of the CBO

The three Executive Officers function as the full leadership and guidance in the Barracks. They are ultimately responsible for all acts and actions by any and all members of the EGB, and as such, will have the power to commend, promote or discharge any member based upon their actions.

Staff Officers

Intelligence Operations Officer (INTOP)- Commander Decky
This position is responsible for the monitoring and reporting of any adverse activity from known spammers, repeat offenders or any who consistently break the rules at Newgrounds. The information gathered needs to be verified and accurate, as it may be used as evidence to block or ban malicious users from Newgrounds . Reports to Executive Officers with all findings and facts.

Recruitment Officer (RECO)- Sergeant ADR3-N
This position is responsible for finding potential new candidates for the EGB and the ROTC programs, as well as respond to and initially evalute, a user's request to join the Barracks. Reports to the executive officers with all recommendations; may deny any request directly without confirmation from the Executive Officers if they feel the requester is not up to EGB standards.

Records Officer (RO)- General Peregrinus
Responsible for the management and accuracy of all documents, as well as the archival and retrieval of any official EGB memorandums, executive orders or recruitment communications. Reports to the Executive Officers with all responses for requests to validate any records or notes from prior staff meetings, forum threads or recruitment requests.

Barracks Laison Officer (BLO) - EGSC Jolly

Responsible for acting as the intermediary or ambassador to any other groups or clubs at Newgrounds. Should a disagreement occur between the EGB and another group, the Liason Officer will be the point of contact between the EGB and the group in question. Diplomacy, respect and a calm demeanor are a paramount to the success of this position. Reports to the Executive Officers as needed.

Chain of Command

Staff officers report to the Executive Officers; within the Executive officers, all three positions have the same full rights and responsibilities, with the notable exception that the CBO has the right to make decisions even if they are contrary to the opinions and directions of the other two Executive Staff Officers. However, should the CBO become unworthy of the position, the LCBO and SLCBO may call to order all officers for a court martial and possible impeachment of the CBO. This would only be necessary in extreme circumstances, but brings to light that as important as the CBO is, she is NOT omnipotent.

In the notable absemce of any officer, Executive or Staff, within the EGB, the officer directly next in line may temporarily become "acting" officer for that vacant position. The order of the positions above are in fact the order of the chain of command - for example, if the INTOP is not active for a period of time, the RECO may step up and mind that position for a while. Proper protocol is to report to the CBO of your intentions to help the workflow of the barracks by stepping in for an absent member; permission is not necessary (you may act as you see fit) but all actions should be within the proper protocols and guidelines of the Barracks.

Officer Vacancy

There are three ways that an Officer's position becomes vacant:

1) Officer requests to be discharged or placed on inactive duty leave (Honorable Discharge)

We all know that real life happens, and for as much fun as this place can be, sometimes you just need to move on. A PM to the CBO (or the RO) is all that's needed to request leave or discharge. We will miss you, but since you left in good standing, you will always be welcome back at any time.

2) Officer is discharged due to court martial or other disciplinary measures (Dishonorable Discharge)

Okay, you were a jerk, and after repeated attempts, you didn't clean up your act. You're out - and don't think about coming back.

3) Officer goes AWOL for at least six months (Standard Discharge)

Sometimes life happens so fast you don't have time to tell us you'll be offline for a while, and that's understandable. But if you don't communicate with the CBO or RO and you go past 6 months of inactivity, you will be marked as "discharged due to inactivity". Should you return and wish to resume your post, a review hearing with the Officers will determine if you will be reactivated.

Respectfully submitted, 3-May-2019
EGSC ByteSlinger
Chief Barracks Officer



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