May 2018 - The New ROTC Program

Want to join the Elite Guard, but you're not a Private yet?
Here's a new program that might interest you!

Barracks Reserve Officer Training Corps

Ever since the demise of the Newgrounds Police Department a few years back, there has been no formal forum for new users who wish to join a club that helps keep the balance in the portal and make it a safe and welcoming experience for all who visit NewGrounds. In the spirit of the NGPD, the Elite Guard Barracks is starting a new program that will allow members below the rank of Private to officially join the EGB on a probationary basis. Known as the EGB-ROTC, new members of Newgrounds who meet the minimum criteria may join the Barracks, sharing their experiences, learn the ways of the EGB, and hopefully have some fun in the process. It is our hope that this program will encourage more new users to fight the good fight for Newgrounds alongside the soldiers who have been here for years - soldiers that really made a difference, and still do.

Minimum Requirements for Entry into the ROTC program

1. A Blam/Protect rank of "Portal Security" or above (400 B/P minimum).
2. Normal Whistle status (Bronze would be nice).
3. Sufficient posting quality (minimal one-liners, intelligent posts that contribute to threads, etc).
4. Sufficient review quality (helpful and civil, with constructive criticism, regardless of the flash or author).
5. No outstanding bans or recent disreputable behavior.
6. No zero-effort flashes (static images, single frames, tiny loops, etc).

Conditions for Acceptance

All ROTC members are expected to abide the same rules as all full members do; but as an officer in training, you are given some latitude as you fine tune your skills on your quest to becoming a Private - and an official ranking member of the Elite Guard. You are always encouraged to ask questions, lend a hand when you can - and of course, enjoy the occasional insanity that trickles through the forums. We don't want to make this dull and boring - it should never be. But we do ask that you do your best - by learning from the best.

Requesting to Join The ROTC

New members who fulfill the minimum requirements for the ROTC program should follow these steps:

1. Publicly request to be considered for admission to the ROTC program by posting in the Elite Guard Barracks.
2. RECO Adr3-n will review your profile and your account history, and determine if you qualify.
3. If you do NOT qualify, you will be advised how to remedy that, and your application put on hold. CBO EGSC Byteslinger may override at any time according to her discretion.
4. If you DO qualify, you will be asked to review the Manifesto, Code of Conduct and the Rules of the EGB, and confirm that you have indeed read them - and understand what is asked of you. Ranking members will have 24 hours to make sure that there are no objections to your admittance. If there are issues (rare), a discrete PM explaining the discussion will be sent, and your request for ROTC admission will be denied for now.
5. If no one has any doubts about your potential, you will be formally accepted into the ROTC program courtesy CBO EGSC Byteslinger.

Final Notes on the ROTC program

ROTC cadets are members of the EGB, and as such, have all the rights and responsibilities of any other Barracks member, with the following exceptions:

1. ROTC members do not participate in any voting process for new ROTC or Elite members
2. ROTC members cannot hold any officers positions
3. ROTC members cannot become system mods.

When you think about it, this really isn't that restrictive. As a cadet, you will be spending your time honing your skills and learning all the details of how to become an effective soldier here in the Barracks.

All cadets will appear on the monthly Roster posting, where everyone gets to see all member's activity for the month. We track blams, saves and postings - and everything needs to be done in balance.

Graduating into the EGB

When a cadet is about to reach the level of Private, a discussion among the ranking members of the EGB will determine if the Cadet has been groomed enough to become a full member of the Barracks. Usually, if a cadet has lasted this long, it's an easy decision.

If the ranking officer consensus is that the cadet is NOT qualified, they are notified by PM; they may stay on and try to imprive themselves to become officer material, or they may decide to move on. However, if they've come this far, they're usually in good standing, so hopefully there will very little, if any, rejection.

However, if a cadet passes muster, upon reaching the level of Private it will be announced on the EGB forum of their graduation from Cadet to full member, with all the rights, titles and responsibilities - congratulations all around will be in order!

Parting Notes

If a cadet joins join when they reach Portal Security, and they are active on Newgrounds on a daily basis with proper voting choices, they should reach Private somewhere between 3 and 6 months. DO NOT RUSH IT! It's not a race to get to Private by petty stat whoring - you'd better have some blams under your belt every week if you want to make the cut!

We'll see you on the front lines, soldier!


(Edited by EGSC ByteSlinger, 30 April 2017)


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