This FAQ was originally posted by SlashFirestorm in the original forums on August 7th, 2007.
Updated and reposted by ByteSlinger, April 2017

Welcome, all! This is the Advanced FAQ for B/P'ing!

Blamming and protecting flashes in the Portal is the core of the Elite Guard Barracks. Therefore, it is important to know how to properly do it!

1. What is this about?

Once a flash is uploaded to Newgrounds, it does not just automatically get to stay there. It must be voted on by the Newgrounds public to determine if it will stay or go.

An under judgement flash (UJ) must pass several checkpoints if it is to stay on the site. Flashes are blammed if they fail to meet/pass the score requirements at the following checkpoints:

50 votes - 0.60
100 votes - 0.75
150 votes - 1.25
200 votes - 1.60

If a flash has a score of 1.60 or higher at 200 votes, it has PASSED judgement, and cannot be deleted from Newgrounds no matter how low its score gets. The only way it could be removed at this point is if an admin removes it for breaking the rules, or if the author chooses to delete it.

If a flash fails to meet one of the checkpoint requirements, it is BLAMMED, and is gone from the site forever.

2. Okay, so how do I B/P?

It's easy!

Step 1: Go to the Flash Portal!

Step 2: Find flashes highlighted in purple. These flashes are under judgement, and thus can give you blams and protects.

Step 3: Watch the flash/play the game!

Step 4: Vote!

Step 5: Wait!

If you gave the flash a zero or a one, and it goes on to be blammed by failing to meet one of the checkpoints, you will receive a blam point.

If you gave the flash a 2-5, and it goes on to be saved by having a score of 1.60 or higher at 200 votes, you will receive a protect point.

3. What are B/P Points good for?

Other than the sexy badge and prestige of having a higher B/P rank, B/P points also give your Vote Power a boost! Depending on your rank, the boost can be as high as 60%!

Click here to see a list of all the B/P ranks, their requirements, the badges for each rank, and the Vote Power boost they give.


Advanced Techniques

1. Ebb and Flow

Learn to know the natural flow of the Portal. Submission rates vary by the time of year...even by the time of day!

For example, submissions may remain under judgement for quite some time when it is late at night in the United States. You don't have to continually refresh the portal in the early morning hours; you can hit it maybe once every hour or so without missing many points.

2. Flash Group Days

Pico Day (April 30)
Celebration of the original NG mascot, Pico. 2007's Pico Day saw a large amount of submitted flash, much of which was of very high quality. After 10 years, many flash artists still publish their interpretations on Pico and his band of merry misfits.

Clock Day---August 15
The big one. Clock Day '06 had over one thousand submissions, the vast majority of which passed. There's also a lot of crappy ones, but there's a lot of gold buried in the flood, too! It is both a blessing and a curse for Barracks members, who must make a decision on how lenient they plan to be. In time, as years have passed and the Clock Crew has dwindled away to nothing more than a fond memory, we no longer see a massive flood of entries on this day anymore. But it was fun while it lasted!

Madness Day---September 22
A new holiday announced by Tom Fulp. A day to celebrate the awesomeness of Krinkels' famous Madness series. Expect craziness! Still going strong after so many years!

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