This is the condition used to designate normal peacetime. Standard flow of flashes, no abuse spotted. Pretty much like an early Sunday morning.

This refers to normal, increased intelligence and the heightening of monitoring the portal. May just be temporary - or could get worse.
Pockets of spam flashes, some abusive reviews. Mods hanling it well, not a strain on resources.

This refers to an increase in negative portal activity. Communication between all Elite Guard members heightened.
Mods are keeping busy, and the reporting to the EGB forum has picked up.

This refers to an advanced increase in negative portal activity. All members need to be active to help monitor and protect the portal.
Usually set when certain crews make concerted efforts at spamming the portal, or some have crossed the line with abusive material.
Mods are at maximum capacity; all members need to assist in keeping the balance in the portal.

This refers to war. The portal is under attack from one or more major sources;
Wartime protocols are put into place, and direct lines of communications between officers is kept open.
May need to use alternate forms of communication if the portal has been compromised.
Mods are overwhelmed; may need to involve Tom, Wade or some of the upper eschelon to step in and help control the flow.
It is up to the acting Barracks commander to set the current DEFCON level.


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