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So, you think you have what it takes to be a member of the Elite Guard?
Here are the basic guidelines you'll need to know - and follow:

Barracks Recruitment Guidelines

The following are the formal guidelines on recruitment in the Elite Guard Barracks. These guidelines are here to standardize the recruiting process, and to make it more transparent for all Barracks members to know and understand. These guidelines include requirements for membership, requirements for officership, recruitment procedures, and other important information.

Minimum Requirements for Membership

1. A Blam/Protect rank of "Private" or above (2,500 B/P minimum).
2. Advanced Whistle status (Bronze or better).
3. Sufficient posting quality (minimal one-liners, intelligent posts that contribute to threads, etc).
4. Sufficient review quality (helpful and civil, with constructive criticism, regardless of the flash or author).
5. No outstanding bans or recent disreputable behavior.
6. No zero-effort flashes (static images, single frames, tiny loops, etc) after 1 January 2009.

Minimum Requirements for Officership

1. Full membership status in good standing.
2. Regular activity in the Barracks.
3. Sergeant rank or higher (SUBJECT TO CHANGE PENDING VOTE)
4. General acceptance by the Barracks members for the position; if a vote is necessary, it can be arranged.
5. Acceptance of nomination by the Chief Barracks Officer (or current highest-ranking commander).

The Recruitment Team

The recruitment process is predominantly handled by the following Barracks Officers:

1. The Recruitment Officer welcomes prospective recruits and gives them the Code of Conduct and other membership-related posts and PM's, as well as setting up the discussion and voting threads. Can summarily reject a request if the recruit is clearly not serious about the request or is a major troublemaker, though the Chief Barracks Officer can overrule this.
2. The Barracks as a whole votes on the recruit and voices any support/concerns they might have.
3. The Chief Barracks Officer decides when the discussion period is over, breaks ties, and has the final say on a recruit. Is expected to have a damn good reason when overruling a vote.

Procedure for Recruitment

1. Recruit submits request for membership via the BBS thread.
2. Recruitment Officer checks the recruit's B/P rank, Whistle, and other information for basic eligibility.
3. If eligible, the Recruitment Officer welcomes the recruit and posts the Code of Conduct.
4. The recruit agrees to abide by the Code of Conduct. If they don't, process ends here.
5. Recruitment Officer sets up the discussion/voting thread in the forums.
6. Barracks members discuss the recruit's merits and flaws, and vote on whether or not to accept them into the organization. Post and review history, flash submissions, and other information will be up for scrutiny.
7. Chief Barracks Officer will look at the vote results, examine any strong objections, and make a decision.
8. Recruitment Officer informs the recruit of the decision via PM.
A. If accepted, recruit is added to the roster, invited to register at the forums, and welcomed.
B. If denied, Recruitment Officer explains why, and explains what they can do to fulfill the failed requirements.

Important Notes on Recruitment

1. It is ultimately up to the Recruitment Officer and the Chief Barracks Officer to determine whether the recruit is accepted. However, all members are encouraged to participate in the process and contribute any information/opinion on the recruit. The results of the vote will almost always determine the decision.
2. Past offenses will be judged based on their severity, occurrences, and length of time between offenses and application. Some offenses may be forgiven, some may not; it's up to the judgment of the Barracks.

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